Sunday, December 13, 2015

To Paint or Not To Paint?

Ever have a dream and you put it off for years- maybe even a lifetime? So that's me. A hidden fear I will fail stops me from trying. Yet I know once I start I'm always pleased with the results and it doesn't even mean a bit to me if it's "good" or "bad"- it's just the activity in itself that is such a relief and a high just to do it.

      PAINT! I've wanted to my whole life. Once renting a studio for working  and painted with oils with little toddlers running around me. Oh how sweet it was!

      I grew up drawing. Art was my "thing". But then I grew up and this wall, this blockage started. So here I am- starting to think- am I to grow old and never pursue my dream? Thinking someday I'll die and my only regret will be the paintings I never produced. So here I am- I want to do it. It's beyond a New Years resolution. I've just got to! So to the Next Year- 2016!!!  It'll be the year I do it- a promise to myself.

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